31 July 2009

Three years, two cakes and a tawny frogmouth

So little owlet turned three...She has been an amazing lesson in patience, acceptance and flexibility since before her birth. So many things we thought and did are now quite opposite in our house and I'm so glad for it. She's an amazing little soul. An absolute delight to spend each day with. So naturally, as with any birthday around here, we extended it to a festival. It began with cake.

Honey cake with lemon icing. The lemons were picked by the owlet herself from her own tree in the garden, planted (with her placenta) on her first birthday. Amazingly, the first lemons ripened just in time and the cake was delicious.

So here she is about to open her first present. A dolls house! Unfortunately its not the one I had planned to renovate for her. It was just too big, and it didn't have stairs which are the most important bit when you're three... Oh and life got in the way and I just couldn't bear the thought of working on it in the shed on freezing cold winter nights... *sigh* But gosh she loves the one we picked out for her.

Thankfully someone did handmade - yay Marie!! The skirt is beautiful and twirly. :)

Then a meeting with little owlet's favourite bird, the Tawny Frogmouth. She's been able to identify them since she was two and is really drawn to them. Later we said hello to a cockatoo, who said hello back, and passed her a little eucalyptus branch through the wire on his cage. She held it all the way home...

The day finished with more cake... same cake again because it was just so yum, but this time with a rainbow, candles and animals, as ordered. Happy birthday little one. I'm so looking forward to whatever happens next. xxxx


  1. I shed a tear. Glad you had such a wonderful day. Love you guys x x x

  2. Looks like you have had a lovely couple of days celebrating. I love the rainbow on top of the cake.


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