13 July 2009

My lovely Huz has his say...

Well, SouleMama's loving him at the moment, so I suppose I should too... (yep, seriously, this little vid found its way onto one of my all-time fave blogs! Woot!)I kinda feel funny putting him out here on my blog, like its really personal or something, but his mug's all over the place now, so what the hey?! Its for a good cause!!

So he has a little chat and sings a little song. Go watch!


  1. This was really great. Wonderful song for totally valid cause. Thank you for sharing. I've just subscribed to your huz's you tube page. He's written some really good songs. I also just realised I saw him perform before Jeff Martin a couple of years ago. I think that was him?!

    I'm home sick today too so your entries today have been lovely to read. I finally found a peppermint mag too so will lounge around a bit reading that today. Hope you guys are feeling better soon. xo

  2. Wonderfully said and beautiful song!. You must be very proud of your Huz. Thanks for sharing.


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