1 July 2009

Hello Lovely

I love stopping for a moment every now and then to catch up on my favourite blogs. I did just that the other day and discovered that I'd been nominated for not one, but TWO lovely blog awards!! Gosh, wow, me? Really??!! I'm awfully flattered :) This blog fulfills so many purposes for me... Keeping in touch with friends and family, recording our home educating adventures, encouraging me to keep making stuff... and meeting lovely people. So the rule in accepting these awards is that I pass them on.

The first award was given to me by Lucy who I've been lucky to stumble across playing My Creative Space. Its for 6 newly discovered blogs so here are six lovely blogs I've stumbled across recently...

Greedy For Colour
Hugo & Elsa
The Bird Bath
Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree
Edward and Lilly
Long Ago Tales

The second award is from Bec (who has a brilliant blog I'm really enjoying and would be on this list if I hadn't already just linked it!). This one is for my fifteen current faves, so here they are...

5 Orange Potatoes
Cheeky Beaks
kirin notebook
meet me at mikes
kiss the birdie
Her Library Adventures
Three Buttons
orange you lucky!
this inspired life

Happy Reading!

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