25 January 2011

dastardly moustache


Our washing machine went on the blink. It's 13 years old. It has done well. Four and a half years worth of nappies and all round rough treatment. We average about two loads per day. It's a small machine, bought when it was just us two and the thought of three owlets hadn't even occurred.

On Sunday afternoon we realised the machine wasn't spinning. Oh no... no chance of vegie beds now. Or anything else we have in mind. But on the bright side, a bigger, more efficient machine!! Wait. Let's call someone out to see if it can be repaired first. Ok.

You guessed it... $90 later, the machine was fine. The culprit was this plastic moustache from the christmas crackers - secreted in an owlet pocket. Perhaps the most expensive fake mo' known to humanity.

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