7 January 2011

natural life

So aside from growing gorgeous babies last year, Huz had another creative project bubbling away... His second album to date and certainly his best so far. He collaborated with a talented friend this time, tinkering away in their studio down south. There are different sounds happening, different instruments, backing vocals with lovely friends singing along. Its been a creative process for both of them, with lots of heart. They are both so very proud of the work and I think Huz may have that feeling like he got the sound he was after on many of the tracks - a rare thing I think. For me its like the surprise when a picture I've made matches the one in my head... The songs are about a bunch of things including birth and family life. The title track in particular is all about us pre-Tiny Owlet ;)

Pop over to bandcamp to have a listen and buy the album if you like what you hear. It's a bargain at $6 or only $1 per song. All proceeds go to future musical merriment and happy owlet memories :)

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