18 January 2011

she sleeps...


On me. Close to my heart, or a breast. Not for long, but she sleeps.


She sleeps on my back and my hands are free. She is cocooned and the pinch in my back and the burning in my arms is fading.


She sleeps, but only when I walk with purpose. She stirs when I am still or slow down. Just like she did when she was inside.


She sleeps and that is how we get things done. And the owlets help their babies sleep too. It's not the only place she sleeps, but I think it's my favourite.

When big owlet was born, I remember nervously placing her in the Baby Bjorn carrier and feeling like we were stealing her when we left the hospital. I had visions of serenely doing the shopping or gardening with babe attached. Sadly that carrier was so uncomfortable for us both, that never happened. She wobbled all over the place and my shoulders! Ouch! When little owlet arrived I discovered the hug-a-bub and ring slings. Later I wrapped her up. Now, with tiny owlet, I reckon we've got it sussed. My beautiful Storchenweige woven wrap and Kozy mei tai should give us plenty of options until she no longer needs to be carried. Whenever that may be.

Some food for thought on baby carriers:

Infant Carriers and Spinal Stress
Considerations When Buying a Baby Carrier or Baby Sling


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous, makes me want to have another (I have 2 girls). I love that she looks so comfortable as you go about your day. So cute that your older daughter has her "baby" in a sling too. They are such a gift.

  2. My bubba's and mine preferred sleeping arrangements are firmly against my breast in my good old homemade pouch sling. I've tried wraps, mei tai's and structured carriers, but with my last two bundles it's the sling that wins time and time again. I've not tried him on my back yet though, sure would make doing the dishes much easier!

  3. That woven wrap is beautiful! I've made all of mine (except a Mei Tei made by my MIL), and I couldn't live without them. I've got them all loaned out to other mamas now but looking forward to using one with my little nephew when I watch him. It's lovely, babywearing. :)

  4. Motion babies are a challenge :)
    ANd typical it should take this long to find a comfortable carrier - and when you do - such liberation (as can be had with a motion baby!).
    She still looks like a gem - cluck cluck.

  5. With my husband looking over my shoulder we are both saying "Oh..Oh...beautiful."
    Lovely baby days.

  6. Lauren! You are my HERO! Look at you blogging & cleaning & being a fabulous Mama! If you've wandered past my place lately you'll see I'm not even close to being on your level - but I DO have a baby hawk mei tai coming & am so excited to try a back carry - can't do it in the ergo until they're 1!!!

    Gorgeous squishy bubba btw...,



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