16 January 2011

mama time


I'm feeling incredibly lucky. Tiny owlet is nine weeks old tonight and it seems like I have my nights back. My favourite time of day, watching tiny owlet fall into a deep, relaxed sleep... sneaking in to check on the bigger two and hearing snores and sighs... then wandering a quiet house and out into the garden to breathe the cool, evening air.


As much as I love spending my days with my beautiful owlets, I do love a little time to myself. To wander. To think. To find peace. I've always needed this time and insisted on finding some hours at the end of the day to be alone and spend time with Huz. We've always a insisted on that same bedtime routine. I know it's not for everyone and a zen bedtime has been helpful during those periods where our owlets have fought sleep, but creating little rituals each day and the constancy of those rituals has most certainly helped.


I'm wondering if the shower I've always had before bed, during pregnancy and then with my babies, has helped most of all. Extending my daily routines into theirs while we are still so connected during that mama-baby, mamatoto, time. Tiny owlet's body relaxes immediately when she hears the shower running. Then when we hop into bed , she feeds more intently and falls into that deep sleep, after all the noise and chatter and cheeriness of the day. The relief of sleep. She sleeps for a good few hours, waking momentarily when I slide in next to her and perhaps during the night, but I don't wake fully enough to be aware of what time or how often. Oh thank goodness for co-sleeping!


I know that I'm lucky. It hasn't always been this way. Like the time little owlet needed to sleep less during the day and let us know by staying up until 10pm most nights. She'd then wake hourly, or spend all night breastfeeding. All night. My truly nocturnal owlet. She still wakes me most nights. Sleep hasn't been without its challenges around here. I know it will most likely change again, perhaps, tomorrow, but for now I'm breathing deeply and enjoying it.


Suppertime Muesli - eaten anytime, but usually when the owlets have nodded off.

rolled oats
macadamia nuts
dried figs
dried apricots
nutty oil (peanut, macadamia nut, coconut, almond whatever you prefer)
maple syrup

Chop the nuts, add to the oats in a large baking tray, then drizzle with oil and maple syrup and toss through. Toast in the oven at 180 degrees until slightly browned and the whole house smells warm and toasty. Add the chopped dried fruit and eat

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