9 January 2011

decade :: building the owlet nest


I've read a few friends' posts during the last week that reflected on the events, ups and downs of the previous decade. One sleepless hour or two during the week led me to do the same in my head, so I thought I'd share our decade with you for a bit of fun. It was all about building and finding home...

I turned 25.
We lived in Newport in the weatherboard house with a dog, a cat and a garden. Our first proper house together.
I worked. Hard. I went from junior designer to only designer as workmates left to have babies.
O proposed over fish & chips in the car, in the rain. I said yes. The rain stopped and a rainbow appeared.
Went on a camping holiday to Narooma. Discovered we weren't cut out for camping. Relaxed.


Was made design manager. Worked hard.
Katherine threw us a surprise engagement party. Discovered O doesn't like surprise parties.
O got his first full time ecology job.
Travelled overseas for the first time. On my own. For work.
Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Was in a hotel room in Seoul when the twin towers collapsed.
Felt quite alone with US airforce planes circling the city as I watched the TV.
Married Huz.
Honeymooned in Tasmania. Loved it, wanted to live there.


Worked hard.
Did a brief stint as brand manager. Decided I really didn't want to work in sales.
Got tired of commuting for hours. Moved to Heidelberg.
Met Cammo (uncle Cam).
Travelled to Asia again.
Decided to have a baby. Saved and planned. Became pregnant.
Huz went diving in Cairns. He nearly drowned.
Visited Nanna for her birthday. Told her about the baby.
Went on holidays to Narooma.
Nanna died. Came home.

family self portrait

Worked hard.
Enjoyed pregnancy.
Finished work. Relaxed.
Gave birth to big owlet.
Enjoyed life.
Began working from home. Decided full time work was overrated.


Watched big owlet grow.
Huz applied for a job in Hobart. Didn't get the job... came close though.
Bought a house in Heidelberg West. Decided it was a dodgy suburb that might come good.
Renovated the kitchen, polished the floors, painted the walls, landscaped the garden.
Adopted a beagle puppy.
Continued working from home and freelancing.


Went back to work in the office part time.
Big owlet went to Nanny's for one day each week and Huz and I juggled work on the other days.
Worked hard.
Missed big owlet dreadfully.
Felt a tad unsafe in new neighbourhood.
Huz applied for a job in Hobart. Got the job.
Finished renovating and packed up the house.
Moved to Hobart. Lived in a huge house on the water.
Rainbows everyday.
Felt like we were on holidays.
Went back to working from home.
Became pregnant.


I turned 30.
Worked from home. Lots.
Commuted to Melbourne for work every month.
Felt tired.
Huz got really sick with salmonella poisoning. Took a ride in an ambulance.
Found some new friends.
Huz started writing music more serioulsy.
Gave birth to little owlet. At home.

P1040783 b

Big owlet started kindergarten.
Went for a drive. Bought a house.
Stressed out about owning two houses and paying enormous mortgage.
Huz developed a twitch.
Sold house in Melbourne.
Started a blog.
Moved into new house, with help from new friends.
Planted trees and little owlet's placenta in the garden.
Worked from home. Lots.


Big owlet went to big kinder, three days per week.
Missed her.
Found a new home for our unhappy beagle.
Adopted guinea pigs and chooks.
Renovated the bathroom.
Huz released his first album.
Made some kids clothes and sold them at a market.
Quit job. Finally.
Decided to home educate after reading about unschooling.


Became pregnant.
Unschooling everyday. Freedom.
Opened the owlet shop and sold at lots of markets.
Miscarried Pippin. Buried him in the garden.
Went to Canberra to rally for homebirth.
Miscarried again.
Painted part of the house.
Went camping on the east coast.
Decided we like camping after all.
Worked on feeling healthy.


Became pregnant.
Felt well.
Floated through the days.
Huz recorded his second album.
Gave birth to tiny owlet. In my own house.
Made it a home.



  1. Oh, I'm loving reading these! So nice to find out things that generally don't come up in day-to-day conversation :) I don't think I'll ever get over what a completely adorable family you all are xxx

  2. Wow, that's a lot when you look at it all isn't it?? I did a post in December about where i was in 2000, 2005, 2010 & where i'll be in 2015. We're the same age too!! Love your wholesome attitude to life, raising children & love for your husband. Enjoy those babies, i'm a high school mum now, my 4th in 2nd grade, pow, it's so fast. Love Posie

  3. absolutely beautiful Lauren!
    love your pics, gorgeous family .
    wishing you the very best for the new year ♥

  4. What a beautiful post and pics (sniff)Lovely to see you all (briefly) today and get a look at your sweet Tiny Owlet :)

  5. What a decade! You are awesome!

  6. what a wonderful life you have travelled in this last decade lauren :)
    loving O's music !

  7. Quite a decade, and what a beautiful family you've grown!

  8. Oh my, Lauren, a stunning post! So interesting to have a snapshot of your last 11 years and see how decisions were made, according to life's twists and turns. Thanks for sharing. J x

  9. Just gorgeous...as always I love your words, and it's so nice to see photo's of you and Huz!!! Been wondering what you look like for ages. I think you've inspired me to blog something similar!! (if I get time with the incredible no sleep twins that is....) I dunno, I think I know babies, and then all of a sudden *whisk* there goes that rug, and I realise that there's always room to learn more!!

  10. Lovely post about your beautiful family Lauren.

  11. Oh Lauren that is gorgeous!!!! YOu should have that printed on canvas or something and hang it in the loungeroom. Wonderful memories xx

  12. Beautiful Lauren. What a wonderful colourful life.



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