21 January 2011



A rainy day, fresh popcorn and the postie bringing a much anticipated DVD with the mail... Big owlet cried her first happy tears when it arrived. Even Huz was inspired to take a break to watch...


Then back to work. Some serious brainstorming with tiny owlet... We do try not to distract him! Honest!

PS. The movie was "How to Train Your Dragon". She loves all things dragon and dinosaur, that big owlet. Now I can hear a little animation workshop happening in the other room ;)


  1. We watched that the other night, too. I loved it :)

    PMSL @ the the look of concentration on tiny owlet's face xxx

  2. naaaw, beautiful. Love that last pic :D H love dinosaurs and dragons too

  3. Gosh your little ones are so gorgeous! Been following along for a while now, can't remember if i have introduced myself before :) I'm Nicole, mother to two girls, living simply in sunny WA. Feel free to pop over to my blog www.healthyearthhealthyme.blogspot.com
    Love your blog though, I pop in regularly. Would love to pick your brains on the whole school/unschool thing one day :)

  4. My kids love that movie too! And well before it ever came out, they loved loved loved the books—has Big owlet had a chance to read them? They are so funny and the illustrations are awesome.

    Animation workshop? Your girl sounds like someone after my kids' own hearts :)

    I completely love the look on tiny owlet's face. And as I look closer, I realise she's wearing an owl shirt! Of course she is. Double gorgeous!

  5. Hey Lauren,
    Just to let you know I passed on the "Versatile Blogger" award to you - don't feel obligated to carry on the motions - but you totally deserve it! J


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