2 February 2011



I'm sure I'm not alone in finding four a difficult age. It's also wonderful for all the independence it brings. That's just the thing, isn't it? The constant battle between wanting to grow up and stay little all at once? A beautiful friend wrote about time in with her little one. He's the same age as little owlet - we met via a pregnancy forum all those years ago. She reminded me of the importance of holding them close. Nurturing the little one that they are rather than getting angry at the big kid they are trying to be. Some concentrated time with each of my owlets seems to keep things running smoothly. Usually if little owlet's having a rough day, we head for the kitchen, whip up some pikelets and that makes everything better... especially if there's a guitar spatula involved and you can rock out between flips ;)


  1. Yes, I hear you! It's hard when they want to exercise their independence muscle isn't it. I find that there are many ages like this! I'm doing it with the nearly 13yr old and the 4yr old lol At least the baby still likes my singing.

  2. So true about nurturing the little one. My son is four, five in June and it has been a difficult few months, enjoyable but difficult.

    Its rather sad yet empowering at the same time watching them grow into themselves, growing up and leaving that little person behind.

    My heart melted and yearned also a few days ago when he showed me a large glimpse of his little being for a few days, nurturing and caring for a baby doll as if it was his own child. Those little moments are becoming few and far between and whilst I look forward to watching him discover who he is as a 'big kid'


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