24 February 2011

our creative space....


Didn't you always want the sky on your walls? Clouds and all? The owlets have chosen the colour of the sky. One more coat. Clouds are next. Then their "doorway to the sky" is complete. They've chosen to share a room again. They have been for months anyhow, but this makes it official. We're hoping there will be many sweet dreams...

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  1. Lovely, my kids love sharing a room too. I often joke to hubby that we should have just bought a double bed instead of bunks, they always end up toghether for cuddles and fall asleep!

  2. I love love love the colour and the fact that the owlets chose to share. My boys choose to sleep together as well, it makes my heart melt a little. Hope we get to see photos of the clouds xx

  3. Very pretty. They have good taste!

    My kids share a room now, and as they get older and probably need to be separated (boy and girl), I have a feeling they're not going to be thrilled.


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