7 February 2011

unschool monday :: science is cool!


Big owlet made an announcement late last week: "Science is cool! I'm a scientist!" I love that she doesn't say when I grow up. She just is. She's a scientist now.


A little further reading led her to discover that at the moment she's an entomologist. Right now she's studying ants. Good thing there's plenty about. Anyone who has spent a little time in my neighbourhood knows she'll never run out of specimens. What I love about living in a smallish town is that everyone knows everyone. It makes it easier to find someone who can help the owlets with what they need. Huz went to the bush with a colleague last week who is going to help big owlet study a rare butterfly. She can count the shelters it makes, collect data and hopefully help save it. Cool indeed. Also helpful that Huz is into that stuff too - and brings her things like dung beetles as gifts.

science 3

Of course, she can just as easily change disciplines. Maybe astronomy, or just checking up on the neighbours... She's also particularly interested in baby development right now. Good thing we have access to one of those too ;)



  1. Oh My, I think I am in love with that gorgeous baby! I would like to play along, but our effort so far this morning has been to sleep in! Well the kids anyway. We are off for a bit of a nature walk though, so may post something a bit later.

    Just love to see kids being creative and learning at the same time.

  2. Science is TOTALLY cool! (and i'm not just saying that b/c i was a scientist in a previous life! lol!)

    That is the cutest pic of the littlest Owlet! x

  3. What a fantastic opportunity for her! Sounds great


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