3 February 2011

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I can feel a return to crafting happening. With me, everything is slow and steady. I've been waiting for the urge to strike and the stars to align before I return to making things with my busy hands. I'm very keen to try out the new overlocker. My mind is also bubbling with loads of new ideas for owlets, both mine and other people's. It's just occurred to me that I've never made any baby clothes for my own owlets before and I'm excited to indulge my tiny one. The bigger ones seem to have grown too, so some new clothing is in order. I'm looking at all things Ballets Russes and wishing I could get up to the exhibition before it closes... but the book will probably suffice. I'm thinking I might make a proper start with crochet too. See if it suits these shakey hands more than the knitting needles.

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  1. Loving the photos of your little owlets. The fairy ring was a good idea. It has taken a few of us a while to get crafty again. Now that my big boy is back at school I will be getting stuck into it today. Looking forward to it! I might teach my 'owlet' to crochet. He needs something to keep his hands busy.

  2. Oh i'm taking my children to the Ballet Russes, easy for us as we live in Canberra. My 3 fabric & costume loving girls will love it, the boy, well he has no choice. Love Posie

  3. It's always energizing when that crafty bug starts striking again. Enjoy the making!

  4. Can't wait to see what comes with the return of your mojo...


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