1 February 2011

growing - part two

log ring

In my wanderings around blogland, looking for inspiration, I spied Tricia's fairy seating ring via Jenny's blog. I mentioned it to Huz and he remembered a large pile of logs around the corner from our home. Remember the post about our favourite tree? The one we could see from our lounge room? The one we watched being cut down while the owlets cried? Well Huz wandered around with big owlet and asked if he might be able to have a few logs for our garden. It turns out the owner of the tree was just as sad as we were about the loss of the tree. She loved our idea and was so happy that the tree would continue to be loved and remembered by some neighbourhood owlets. So now we have a log ring. Perfect for balancing or sitting at while eating garden soup or mud pies...

clover soup

Big owlet has been loving pulling off the bark and looking for bugs and sanding the tops. Little owlet likes it as a cafe and tiny owlet is watching it all, excited for when she can join in I'm sure...



  1. We have a fairy ring of log stools around a big old blackwood next to our farm stalll.It is the first port of call for all the kids who come to visit our shop and has provided ours with endless play.
    Loving that little owlet is getting chubby. Just divine.

  2. How wonderful about the tree! So funny you blogged that because we're setting up our new backyard atm and I'm asking the landscapers if they can source some small logs for our (very) small backyard for just that purpose. Love reading your blog. x


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