10 February 2011

our creative space...


Our little play area is complete. It's a space we hope will inspire a little creativity in the owlets. Particularly little owlet who is a little afraid of spending time outside. If we did school, this would be her kindergarten year, so we were a little mindful of that when thinking of what elements we'd like for the garden. Combined with the new sand pit and fairy log ring, the whole project cost us about $50. We're hoping to do a major removal of weeds and spiky plants, but for now it's functional.


The banging wall is a big hit (pun intended). Perhaps not so much with the neighbors... thanks to Soulemama for the idea.


The mud pie kitchen - brilliant. Perfect for cooking for the mud cafe.


Balancing beam in place - perfect for lining up mud pies in the sun and walking the plank.


Mud. That's my little bug and dirt-phobe there...


Knee-deep in mud. Loving it.

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  1. I love the idea! And the percussion wall looks SO pretty!

  2. What a fun space! My kids would love the banging wall.

  3. LOVE the percussion wall, might have to copy that idea. My littlest would love a purpose made noise creating space :)

  4. Wow Lauren, looking at Little Owlet stomping in the mud made me want to cheer her on.

    It's amazing how organising your outdoor space and adding a few simple props can coax children to get outside. The banging wall looks really fun - love that idea.

  5. That looks FANTASTIC! There are so many terrific ideas there and the Owlets look like they are having a ball!

  6. Wow, you've done loads of work and it all looks fantastic. We're definitely stealing some of your ideas!

  7. I love the opportunities for creative and imaginative play you are making in your backyard. So engaging for young children - and encourages play outside which is terrific. I hope you don't mind but I have linked to you in my latest post :)


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