21 February 2011

unschool monday :: listening


What can you hear right now? What's your favourite sound? Lots of people say hearing children play makes them happy... That's what I can hear right now and I must say, it is a satisfying sort of a sound when the baby is asleep too and you can grab a few moments... What I'm loving about what I'm hearing right now is that it is that quiet, absorbed, completely immersed play. The kind of play that doesn't know the sound of a school bell. If Huz was, here we'd be sharing the odd sideways glance, wink and giggle too... It's hilarious at times, listening here, outside the cubby. Big owlet's bestest friend in the whole world is with us today and it's lovely. Play is so important. Important for processing, sharing knowledge, testing what they know, learning from each other. It is the main lesson when it comes to unschooling. They giggle, fight, love, whisper... They act out every emotion, think creatively, use their bodies... Then sleep so well... Anyhow, back to my cuppa and quiet moment while mermaids Pearl, Tara and Fiona Janice get on with important mermaid business in the other room and tiny owlet snoozes...


  1. I love listening to truly happy, absorbed play. And I don't mind the free time it gives me either. :)

  2. Absolutely agree. I LOVE listening to my boys playing. There is no better entertainment.


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