30 July 2011



Just lifting my head for a moment to say hi. We've been well and truly struck down with flu. Well, mostly me, although little owlet and tiny owlet haven't fared too much better. Little owlet's birthday fell in the middle of all this... and I still haven't filled you in on our week in France! Lots of catching up to do. I might try and play catchup tomorrow...


But until then, I'd like to show you this thing. I knitted it! A vest for tiny owlet! It's a version of the lovely Milo. I say a version because I left out the cable (I wanted to finish the thing), there's a colour change in the top part, and I didn't look at the pattern after a while... and there are loads of mistakes. Purls instead of knits, dropped stitches, holes where there shouldn't be holes... I kind of like that though. I figure that's one part of textiles that I really love. Little bumps along the way that let you know things are handmade and with love. This is the first thing beyond a square that I've knitted and there was lots of learning going on. And lots of distraction. LOTS. And the whole journey is mapped out there on her little tum. Keeping it warm.

See you tomorrow. Hope everyone's feeling well in your part of the world. xx


  1. Posts like these always delight me. Sending you healing love and lots of honey and lemon kisses.

  2. There might be mistakes but it looks beautiful! Hope you all feel better soon.

  3. I hope your all back to 100% soon! We had a bug come through here last week.
    I love that vest. I hope to learn to knit one day. I just started chrocheting this spring. I also like the color of the vest and the model is so adorable.

  4. lemon honey and ginger. hope you're feeling better soon. love also that grizzly bear album you're listening to. two weeks is one of my favourite songs at the moment. x

  5. I love a good Milo vest and have knitted a couple myself lately - and I'm really tempted to leave the cable out of my next one just to speed things up a bit!

    And the dropped stitches and purls instead of knits are all part of the charm and it is now keeping tiny owlet warm through this cold old Hobart winter (although this week seems to have been quite mild so far!).

  6. Oh, the 'flu, worst gig in town when you are a parent I reckon. Meanwhile, you've totally inspired me with that milo. (Glad you left the cable out, I should've thought to do that, instead I just found another pattern without one and have been knitting, purling and dropping stitches all over the place!)


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