12 July 2011



Did you forget that aside from spending my days hanging with my three lovely owlets, I sometimes make things?


I almost did... With the latest bout of illnesses in our nest, and my days consumed with Tiny Owlet Watch (now that she's standing up and rather accident prone), there's been no time to sit behind the machine and sew things. Nights see me flopping on the couch, knitting if I can muster the energy. Catching my breath before the next full on day... Weekends mean catching up with Huz and having adventures. I find it hard to drag myself away just to sew (he's rather handsome, I think)...


And the projects are piling up. A couple of custom orders are sitting, waiting to be sewn. I will get to them. And I'll love sewing them. And feel so excited to pull them off the machine and admire them before mailing them off to their new homes. Imagining other people's owlets loving them...


Maybe you might happen to wander over to my Etsy shop and find something you love? I hope so. Or maybe you can think of something else you'd like? A different colour, a different size? Please feel free to ask... It may take just a little while, but I'm always happy to make things for owlets. xx


  1. OMG - stop with the cuteness overload already!!!!

    (and I find it amusing the verification word I have to enter to comment on this post is 'restso'. Quite apt, no?)

  2. I love the things you make, Lauren—they are gorgeous! So I have a question. Would you ever consider making something for a girl who is only 8 but is so very tall she's already wearing size 10 and 12 clothes, a girl who adores skirts (especially ones with birds and owls on them)? Would you ever, do you suppose? :)

  3. I'll wait till my newbie owlet arrives...and then I'll let you know x


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