11 July 2011

unschol monday :: science vs art


When I was at school, the kids that were good at science, weren't supposed to be arty. And vice versa. I was arty.


But I loved science. Particularly biology. I was ok at science. Almost as good as I was at art...


And to me, the two were always connected. I loved observation and experimenting with textures and colour. Staring at things and wondering about them.


The owlets love that too (who doesn't!), and I'm rather grateful we can spend afternoons indulging in texture and colour...


Making science experiments, playing with potions and turning them into art later. Or just appreciating them as they are. Our potions almost always end up on paper somehow. As art.


And our art almost always turns into a potion or science experiment of some sort. Even if it's just an observation as it swirls down the plug hole.


I love that unschooling means that science and art forever intertwine and that learning just happens through observation, experimentation and immersion.


No labels. No restrictions. Just experience, enjoyment and wonderment...


  1. Aren't you glad you grabbed the camera & took those photos?? So beautiful!! Well i got full marks in the HSC for art, yet did 2 science degrees at Uni, guess what i do now - for the last decade i've been running a design studio, ha!! My 4 children are budding artists, true style & design sense, i love it, they never go for logos or anything licensed (like Disney) they style in a classic vintage way (their clothes, rooms). Love that they get it!! I know i'm lucky to have both sides of my brain working together, your girls are going great guns with that too. Love Posie

  2. Cool photo's! When I was in my last year of my honours in Zoology, I was told i dressed more like an art student! lol! I'm still trying to figure out what a Zoology student dresses like - but I suspect the cliche is hiking boots, hiking pants and a scabby old north face jacket! No thanks! Oh, and I was equally bad at both science and art at school!

  3. I do hope you don't mind me joining in - your post just inspired me! x

  4. Lauren, I've noticed so many things intertwining since we relaxed into unschooling/life learning. Maths takes us to art which takes us to history which takes us to geography which takes us to maps and to stories and to art again, like a wonderful spirograph drawing, our lines constantly crossing and recrossing, creating the most gorgeous, irresistible pattern that is our very own.

    I love these photos, especially the one of the colours in the sink! I once took a photo of bubbles in dishwater at a friend's place when I was a teenager, when I was supposed to be doing the dishes. She couldn't figure out WHY I had to stop and capture the bubbles. How to explain that I simply couldn't NOT?

    Lovely, Lauren. All of it :)

  5. The reason I never liked science at school was because you needed to be good at art to do well. Seriously. It really REALLY peeved me. You always had to draw what you saw and I never could, so I always felt substandard.

    My friends who were very arty at school all went on to do art/science and zoology (funnily enough, looking at your above comments!) at uni. I always found a division between the children who were good at maths and English, but not those between art & science. Funny how our experiences pan out, huh? :)

    Love those big road drawings you have there, I think we'll nab that idea for our house next rainy day!


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