20 July 2011

worldly wednesday :: France (part one)


It seems Huz picked up a tummy bug in Guatemala, so he wasn't quite up for much exploring or feasting this week when we arrived in France. Bastille Day passed without fanfare. So we've decided to stay an extra week. I'm a bit glad because we're having fun. On Sunday we had a beautiful petit dejeuner and much chatter in French, putting my school lessons to the test. I think the owlets were impressed (I know I was). I have further plans for the week which I'll detail next Wednesday. Hope you can join us then!



  1. Bonjour petite belles! How exciting... we wrote out our learning desires this morning and my Miss G chose France. I am thinking we will most likely spend about a month on each country - as my babes are a little older. The postcard idea is great - it may take us a few days. Would you like real postcards in the mail or virtual online? Love Rach xx

  2. Oooh, do enjoy France! One of my favourite countries!!

  3. Oh I fell so deeply in lust with a French pastry chef a little while before I had my first child. I could see myself growing old & fat with his beautiful accent & his beautiful pastries... oooooohh :)


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