6 July 2011

(un) worldly wednesday


Sadly, we didn't travel to our chosen country this week. Not because of the volcanic ash cloud, although it could have had something to do with it. It was one of those weeks. We've all been unwell. Not one, but two different illnesses loitering around our nest. At the same time.


It could have been horrid. If not for the cute. We decided to go for a long drive one day, just so everyone would sleep (particularly the person pictured).


It worked. And proved to be a lovely way to pass the time and make a bad weekend bearable. The rest of the time, we snuggled and stayed very much close to home. We spent the time productively, tidying up, cooking soup, nurturing...


Looking for things under the fridge...


And fashioning charming hats for ourselves to wear while we danced on the coffee table.

Next week we're off to Guatemala. A place we've often talked of visiting in real life because we have friends living there. Hope you'll join us and perhaps join in with our new weekly worldly wednesday linkup. Unless you have one of those weeks too, in which case, we completely understand.


  1. Oh heavens, the HATS, the cute... thank you!

  2. One of those weeks indeed! I hope you're all recovering well & you leave the lurgies somewhere on a stopover to Guatemala ;) Funny with the 'hats' - B was doing exactly the same thing when she saw one in Big W a couple of days ago :D


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