12 July 2011

worldly wednesday :: Guatemala


We went to Guatemala this week. Actually, it felt like Guatemala came to us. While it snowed outside, I pulled out a box I had in the cupboard, full of beautiful textiles and threads. A friend, who lives in Guatemala, had sent them to us years ago and I've had them tucked away for a rainy (or snowy) day.


A selection of huipiles and some glittery thread, as used in the adornment and weaving of said huipiles. The owlets chose one each and flung it on for the remainder of the day.


While making worry dolls.


Dinner was a simple affair. Not the usual banquet, but a plate piled high with nachos... Blackbeans, corn chips, guacamole, corn salsa, cheese and chicken. Bottled water to drink. The owlets were taken aback at the thought of unclean water. How fortunate we are...


Then Flan de Leche Condensada (or creme caramel), for dessert.


While listening to some marimba and looking a photos of lakes, volcanoes, ruins, trees and wondering how any place so beautiful could be so violent. This world tour of ours is certainly opening our world just a little bit more each week...

How are things in your world? Do you have a weekly International food night too? Maybe look at other cultures sometimes during your week? Would you like to add your link below so we can all journey together? I hope you do. It's loads of fun!


  1. so cool! I was reminded that I was given worry dolls as a child (i can't remember from whom) .. I was a bit of a worrier .. so lovely, I used to put them under my pillow.x

  2. love it! we have been "in" italy for two weeks now- so excited - our trip was "interrupted" by an actual trip to camp out for the Space Shuttle Atlantis- now we are back home studying Italy! so glad I found this link up - we are going to be virtually traveling for a long time!!!

  3. My daughter would like to know how to make the Worry Dolls ... are there any "instructions" your girls or you could give or should she just wing it? :)

    Many blessings.



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