25 July 2011

unschool monday :: sick days


One of my favourite things about unschooling is how it fits in so well with my family's rhythms. There's nothing that we really have to get done, aside from the general running of the household and following the owlets' interests. There's no set curriculum to stick to. So if we miss a day, there's nothing to catch up on.


We can call a pyjama day, cancel a playdate if we need, and wrap ourselves in cotton wool. Slow down. Make a bowl of soup and devour it. Then have a bath and fall asleep on the couch...


Then when we're feeling fully recovered, we can stay up late working on something particularly interesting. And spend the weekend adventuring. Of course, we know that even on a sick day at home, learning happens all the time, so we're not missing anything at all. Incidentally, did you know yesterday was Learn Nothing Day? Ever tried it? I'm pretty sure we wouldn't even last an hour :)



  1. I know what you mean, Lauren; it is so beautiful that we get to decide, all together, what feels right and when. When we're tired or full of Busy, we have the space and freedom to take it easy, bask in our own, home-made, Down Time. It's beautiful but I've noticed that Down Time is invariably when a complicated project begins, an adventure gets planned, some lovely tangent picks us up and whirls us about in a happy dance. So yeah, if we tried Learn Nothing Day, we wouldn't last either!

    Love the soup pictures! And I hope everyone who isn't well in your beautiful family, is getting much, much better. :)

  2. So lovely to see... My days being home schooled as a child allowed me those freedoms, and I fully plan on giving the same opportunities to my child. Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with us.


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