18 November 2010

her creative space...

origami cups

I've been preoccupied with other creative pursuits this week, so big owlet has taken over the creative reins today. I've been waiting for her to show an interest in origami. I had the paper, the how to books, suggested it from time to time, but no go. We watched the fantastic documentary Between The Folds on iView a few nights ago and her interest was finally sparked. So in true big owlet style, she completed most of the book...


And made a bowl full of little cups which we'll use for our activity advent calendar this year.

Visit some lovely creative peeps via Kirsty.


  1. Wow, just watched the short for the movie. No wonder she was inspired! Thanks for sharing and well done to big owlet for folding so many creations : )

  2. You have to love crafty kids.I always enjoy watching their faces, full of concentration, tongues sticking out, eyes fixed intently. So cute. Especially love her cat face. Just gorgeous!

  3. Fabulous, crafty children are NEVER bored & have to say, mine didn't get jealous of new babies either as they were busy creating things of their own. Hugs to your new lovely baby girl, love Posie

  4. We love origami in this household too, don't you just love all those georgeous papers available? Your daughter did a great job!

  5. Wow! Go big Owlet - I love your bowl full of little cups - gorgeous colours. Also great idea for advent, I might have to customise that one for our little family.

  6. Love it! That sounds just like me, deciding I like something and then throwing myself full into it. :)

  7. Wow big owlet - they're great. I particularly love the pussycat!

    Lauren, a while ago I read your advent calendar posts from last year, and seems I've been thinking about it ever since. Such a lovely idea. If I can get my act together we might try something similar this year :)

  8. hi lauren, i just had to say i saw that documentary too.. so inspiring! have you visited ann's blog @ allthingspaper? she shares amazing things made out of paper, and has her own creations on there as well.

    sounds like your owlet is quite taken with origami. lovely papers too.


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