4 November 2010

I'll call you...


Well its true. I've been very reclusive throughout this pregnancy. I'm reclusive at the best of times, but like with most things, pregnancy seems to amplify it. I started off not wanting to share the news of our precious little owlet to be for a looong time. Then when the cat was out of the bag, I started to draw within... Staying in the moment. Its been necessary this time.

But as my own mother said to me the other day "You never call... ever." Well I do sometimes, but its largely true. I'm so busy living in this particular moment that when I get to the end of the day and I have some moments to myself, I remember the outside world and its too late to call... I'm also one of those people who finds it hard to say much unless I have something to say. Not easy when your days involve waddling around the backyard. This little blog has been a saviour of sorts, communicating that there is something going on. Both for me and for friends and family... But therein lies another problem. Lately I suck at replying to comments. So many of you have said such lovely things and I haven't responded much. Sometimes its because an email address isn't linked and late night laziness gets the better of me. But I do read them all, love to receive them and reply when I can... I also suck at returning text messages and emails too. Its not always this way... Please don't be offended if I'm a little on the quiet side. Its nothing personal. I'm so looking forward to emerging from this little time of self-imposed exile, my little holiday, introducing our third owlet to the world slowly. But for now, this is where I need to be. xxxx


  1. I don't think you need to apologize. Enjoy your time. Savor it. We'll still be here when you pop back in. :)

  2. Ditto with June :)

    Those who care about you understand and are waiting when you are ready :)

    Take care of you first, nurture yourself and your belly babe, and that is what matters most.

  3. ...but you packaged a beautiful collection of things and sent them off to bring smiles to faces. I'm sure your thoughts for others are always there. It's you time.
    Thanks for your gift Lauren, very kind and thoughtful of you x.


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