30 November 2010

spring clean

spring clean

The last day of spring. The last day of a super busy and exciting season in the owlet nest. The last day of Huz's leave and the last day of our babymoon... so naturally we decided to do a complete declutter and spring clean of all things belonging to the owlets! They seem to have accumulated a vast array of stuff... spilling over from their bedrooms and into the rest of the house on a daily basis. Too many boxes of random...Huz and I were feeling a little overrun. The mess of a day's play and learning was becoming a little too much. Then there was the thought that Christmas is on the way and there might be more stuff to cram into those rooms. Impossible!! So we tipped out all the boxes of random, found homes for everything, threw out the homeless bits, the broken bits, the things we didn't love. The owlets rummaged in their rooms for things they had finished playing with so they could donate them to charity in time for Christmas. Next we moved some furniture around and set up the little kitchen in the lounge room again, complete with a reading nook. Then I tackled the craft cupboard... It took all day. Now I'm exhausted. But its clean and we can think clearly again. And the owlets have rediscovered so many things. A perfect way to end our little time of renewal. Bring on summer!!

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  1. I love your advent calender. Very cute:)

    I wish I had got around to that spring cleaning. I am looking a 3 random boxes of 'kids stuff' right next to me here. Oh, and don't even mention the craft cupboard!


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