1 November 2010

unschool monday :: living

I've slowed right down, for obvious reasons, and I seem to be working on a different time scale to the owlets right now... Their learning is very self directed these days. Their days often move at a very fast pace as they make their way around our home and garden. They help themselves to the craft cupboard and come up with brilliant things. They explore the garden, read, spend time on the computer, play for hours... We talk about things that interest them and I read to them each day, but for the most part they are driving their days at the moment. Just living and learning. Its not always this way. There are times where I'm more involved and suggest things we can do together, but it ebbs and flows as family life does. I'm fortunate too that Huz is always involved in their learning as it happens round the clock...

Here's Huz and the owlets cooking up a storm in the kitchen yesterday while we loosely celebrated Beltane. He's started a vlog just for a little bit of fun. You may see him guest blogging here occasionally over the coming weeks. We'll see how we go with the ebbs and flows...


unschool monday homework:

The Six Lesson Schoolteacher - John Taylor Gatto
Natural Learning Australia


  1. I remember similar when I was drawing close to meeting our babes. Thank goodness for home ed!

    Ebb and Flow away! Looking forward to some post by Huz :)

    Hope you are still blessed out by the weekend and feeling the love and strength from women all over.

  2. How lovely that you and your family can 'ebb and flow' in such a natural way, as it needs to.

    Great to hear the story of how twosah got his?her?its? name! I love the devotion children have towards their beloved blanky/teddy/whatevers.


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