6 November 2010

sunny saturday


Its just so beautiful in my part of the world today! The sun is shining, just a light breeze... I can hear parrots chattering nearby and the odd lawnmower. Spring is fast becoming my favourite season. The roses that Mum pruned a little while ago were ready for Cup Day and are now putting on a rude display of colour. They are beautiful, like jewels lining the front of our 1950's front porch, but they do look a little odd among all the natives... I think there might be some time spent in the garden for the rest of the weekend. Hope your day is lovely too. x


  1. I spent the morning sniffing sweet scented roses down by the river today; how lovely to come home and read this.

  2. Your words always leave me a little lighter Lauren! Thanks. Thinking of you and your wee one arriving any time now. Shall be stalking for news on jb! Xx


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