14 November 2010

unschool monday :: look at them learning


Slow, lazy days here and the owlets have been entertaining themselves in the garden, playing with chalk on the concrete and learning all the time. What are they learning? If I put it into curriculum terms and edu-speak, they are learning about space, shape, time, literacy, colour theory... probably much more that I don't see too. Those times where they get totally absorbed in something they've chosen to do and Huz and I turn around and say "look at them learning!" Often tongue in cheek if there's an enormous mess accompanying the aforementioned activity... Its busy and exciting times like we are having right now that make me grateful that learning happens around the clock, in the quiet and free moments as well as the more structured activities we undertake.

I'd like to see how learning happens at your house too. I've read so many inspiring posts over the years on blogs as people observe and participate in their children's learning journey. It would be great to see that regularly... Perhaps you are home educators taking a more structured approach, but notice unschooling happening at other times of the day... Or maybe your children go to school and you take an unschooling approach after hours... Or perhaps your children aren't school age yet, but you are noticing how they learn every minute of the day... I'd love to see your experiences of how your children learn if you are willing to share. I've added a linky at the bottom of this post. If you feel like playing along each monday and seeing how learning happens at other people's houses, blog it, add your link and have a wander around. :)

Feel free to copy the unschool monday button in the sidebar and create a link back to this post if you'd like to join in each week too.


  1. Being a blogging nerd, please tell me how to copy the button?

  2. To copy the button save the image to your computer. If you use blogger you can "add a gadget" to your layout. Choose picture, upload the unschool monday image and add the link in the address bar. Does that make any sense?

  3. Is it Monday already? lol

    Yes please, anything to remind me to actual put stuff on the blog is good. And I love your Unschool Monday posts, they are always inspiring.

  4. Hi there! I've just joined you. :) http://bustinoutbabies.blogspot.com/


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