14 November 2010



I'm still here... just taking some time. No sign of our little one yet... well sort of. We had a practice run the other night with what started out as labour and ended with a kidney stone... So this week has been about recovering from that. And waiting...


While we wait, we've been looking at these beautiful little person things made and hand delivered by my lovely mum. Such beautiful fabrics. I love handmade...


And these beautiful things my sister sent. A luscious heat pack she made with gorgeous fabrics and beautiful smelly stuff, a tiny bear called frosty and made by Jess, and a perfect little onesie that made Huz so clucky he put it on his shoulder and patted its bottom :) *sigh* Not long now. But while we wait to baby gaze, its lovely to gaze at these little thoughtful bits and pieces and linger a while...


  1. Oh, what gorgeous gifts! The bit about patting the onesie brought a tear to me eye, it did ;)

    Hopefully not much longer until (he?) arrives xxx

  2. That little bear has "Jess" written all over him! Lucky little owlet, to have such a stash of goodies waiting on the big day!

  3. I love grey on tiny ones - and that BLANKET!! Gorgeous! I lurk here all the time, but am usually reading via rss feed while bf my little one and so don't get the chance to comment. I have been thinking of you and your impending arrival - lovely that you are able to home birth!
    Each time there's a gap in your posts I think...hmmm - maybe it's happened!


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