29 November 2010

unschool monday :: freestyle craft


Well our babymoon is drawing to a close... tomorrow actually. Its been very much holiday mode as we've all drifted gently through the days. Huz has had a chance to really reconnect with the owlets and spend time doing things with them. Origami continues to be a huge hit. The rest of the time has seen the owlets becoming relatively self sufficient.


They fling open the craft cupboard doors and help themselves to whatever is in there...


This week has seen them crafting fleece butterflies, collage, junk castles, experiments with paper, and numerous spirograph pictures.


Big owlet seems to have overcome her block with hand writing and is now annotating all her work... even her own body as on more than one occasion she and little owlet have taken to drawing on themselves with a black pen. Big owlet proudly presented her foot one morning, which was covered in a picture of her and her friend dressed as fairies with the words "best friends forever" and my first reaction was "yay! she's writing!!", before realising that much of her skin was covered in biro tattoos... little owlet was very proud of her "cartoons" too and annotated her designs with loads of tiny markings representing letters from her name.

Tomorrow we look at getting ready for our days without Huz around, getting organised and cleaning up the craft cupboard *sigh*. Freestyle craft is fantastic, but gee it leaves a trail of chaos sometimes...

Feel free to join in with our unschool mondays by adding your link below. Even if you don't unschool full time... perhaps you notice unschooling happening during the school week or you take a more traditional approach to home education and have a day off from time to time... Learning happens all the time and it'd be great to see what it looks like at your place!

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