2 November 2010


Rather chuffed that I've mede it beyond blogtober and haven't missed a post. I even managed an extra one the other day! Perhaps its a reflection of my reclusive ways of late, not running out of things to talk about... Anyway, here's a little lullaby to help you (and me) sleep. We discovered Essie Jain a couple of years ago and were delighted to see that her latest project is a collection of soothing sounds designed for tired parents and their little ones. Big owlet always fell asleep to a certain CD each night and still does on occasion. I'm hoping we can get our hands on a copy of this and give it a whirl when owlet-to-be is here. But for now, its late and I'm off to bed. Night! x


  1. OOhhhh thank you for sharing, I have not heard of her.
    Will definitely be adding her to our list :)

  2. Utterly gorgeous, thank you for that! In return - check out Luka Bloom's Chamomile album (entirely acoustic and guaranteed to mellow out the fiestiest small!).


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