31 October 2010



Yesterday my midwife gave me these beautiful shells. I love the spiral and the texture of them. They have a heaviness and a colour that is not like any of the shells we see on the beaches here. There is one for me and one for the babe... She was given them in Arnhem Land when she volunteered there, working with birthing women. As she handed the shells to me and some Arnhem Land sand trickled out onto my palm, she explained that the women there birth with strength and courage, grace and beauty. That is the birth she sees for me too... It struck me that that is possibly the best gift anyone can give a soon to birth mama - belief in them.


  1. Such a beautiful and "insert name of midwife" gift :)

    And strength, courage, grace and beauty are words to describe you perfectly.

  2. That just choked me up. That was a Hit the Nail on the Head post if ever I read one.

  3. WoW! That is so lovely and yep I reckon that was a 'hit the nail on the head post' too :) I blogged a bit about you today, let me know if you dont want me too.

  4. what a wonderful gift. When I visited my brother and family in Arhnem Land last year we collected those and cooked them up on a fire. they were called long bums (he he) and were delicious.


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