25 October 2010

unschool monday :: identity

picnic auds

Five minutes before this photo was taken, she was "Iquana", famous singer, transported to the picnic by her driver, assistant and backup singer... Suddenly the box was on her head. Apparently it makes a good hat. Keeps the flies out. Our days are like that lately. Big owlet's identity changes several times a day. One minute she's a cat, the next an intrepid explorer. We're happy to play along and grateful we have the space and time for her to explore all those different identities while she finds her own place in the world. I think back to myself at 7yo and the 5 days per week spent wearing a uniform, regulation undies and blue hair ribbon... I remember the struggle to try new things that were outside the box (pardon the pun), and find acceptance among peers - even at that age! I think of big owlet and how she and her friends support individuality in each other and laugh and join in completely uninhibited. I'm so glad we've chosen this path. Box and all.

xan picnic

Little owlet is happy with costume changes and following big owlet's lead. Just like big owlet, she chooses her own outfits each day, sometimes with interesting results. We're all thankful that warmer weather is finally here and we can stop debating the number of layers one might need underneath a summer dress on a chilly day... She's a little less certain of her place in the world, sticking very close to my side, especially when we're out in nature. Still, she has the confidence of a child who knows who she is and what she needs and that we are right here next to her, supporting her as she finds her own way. I so look forward to watching her figure it out :)


  1. You look beautiful Lauren!
    I had just a thought: Imagine if there's a boy in there. How fun.

  2. It sounds like you follow a great path. I wish we could have the courage do that when and if we're ever lucky enough to have children.

  3. I love letting my kids dress themselves. It's so fun to see what they put together, and I love letting them have that bit of creativity. You look great!

  4. lovely pic! I can just imagine A saying all of those things lol and I look forward to seeing little owlet find her way too. Shes such an observant little soul.

  5. How I love kids with vivid imaginations. It's so wonderful how you're cultivating that in your own beautiful girls (and might I say it's lovely to see the beautiful mama in the picture too!).

    I'm very drawn to this unschooling business. For a variety of complex reasons my hubby and I still think we'll opt for conventional schooling when the time comes (although the conventional schools around here are quite UNconventional in lots of ways...). So I'm really keen to think about how I can help my gang to be, well, free of a lot of the negatives which could come of that. It's going to be an interesting balance to work on.

  6. Iquana, how fabulous! I have a girl who changes her identity a lot. She was an owl called Percy for about a month (I'm sure you've read owl babies!). This week she's a pink unicorn. Somedays she's a cat, sometimes a frog. So much fun.

    I love that picture of the three of you on the picnic blanket - you and little owlet looking gorgeous and big owlet with the box on her head - hilarious!


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