15 October 2010

the music :: blogtoberfest day 15

In the beginning it was all about the music. November 15th marks 15years since I walked into this room* and saw a long haired, grungy boy in the corner, playing britpop songs on his guitar. Six months later, at our next meeting, the conversation was all about music. We'd both come from backgrounds where music was an important part of the day... our parents' record collections had a few crossovers, as did our own. There are some things we'll never agree on, but most we do and our interests, although slightly varied have grown together with our music collection... The next five years were spent trawling record stores, watching live music and listening. Then on the 15th of November, 10years ago, listening to the radio in the car, he proposed and a year later became Huz. Another year or so passed as we travelled to work each day listening to the radio and finding new music to love and fill our home. Then big owlet came along and the days were filled with music, if our nights were a bit quieter... A move to our island meant less access to our favourite means of finding and hearing new music, so the internet became our lifeline. My time and patience for the search waned, so Huz took on the mantle of owlet HQ musical program director, making music, finding music, filling our home with new sounds, like this current fave which leads to much lounge room dancing and loud singing in the car with the owlets...

We don't have one song in particular, but rather a whole collection of them that the years can be traced through... The next month is filled with waiting, anticipation, excitement and new beginnings, but there will always be the music.


Huz has a page now that he uses to share some of the new music he brings into our home. You can subscribe if you'd like a listen to some of the songs that fill our days, and you can find him (and occasionally owlets) making music here.

*Yep, Cindy's kitchen in a former life... small bloggy world, huh?


  1. Love this post. (I don't know how you find time to blog daily as well as doing everything else though!)

  2. Great post Lauren. It was so long ago! I should send you a pic of Tim & Deb's house because I distinctly remember you came with me to that party, and then disappeared for a while...
    Love it x


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