30 October 2010


belly henna

I was the lucky recipient of a blessingway today. For months now I've been meeting with a group of beautiful women whom I've come to know and love, for monthly women's circles in my lounge room. Mostly we talk, spend some time child free, cry on a shoulder and eat cake. Its so very nurturing for everyone involved. Today was spent with the same group of women as well as my midwife (lets just call her the village midwife), and another gorgeous friend who has been a great support for our little family. Big owlet was included too for her first initiation into secret women's business... Today was just that little bit more special. There was an element of celebration in the air, perhaps relief that we'd finally got there, anticipation...

So what happened? There was food galore, cake of course... More red squares too oooh and ahh over. Big owlet tied red yarn around each woman's wrist, starting with me, ending with her, creating a web symbolising the connection between us all and to be cut when the babe arrives. Then each woman placed a bead in a bowl, sharing their wishes for me and the baby. This was the wobbly chin bit... The music playing was the same song that played when we lost Pippin. I didn't share it with the others because the lump in my throat prevented me from speaking, but I thought it was interesting that itunes picked that song right at that moment... *sigh* It was lovely and a point where we realised how important that circle is. Community and support. Anyhow, we got over the wobbly chins, ate more cake, painted with henna and made a necklace of the beads...


So now I'm left with a loungeroom full of good vibes, arms full of hugs and a belly full of cake and flowers. Blessed indeed. x


  1. Oh, sweetheart - tears here about the song. I almost turned the music down a little during that part so it was easier to hear each other over the music, but I decided not to & then I noticed the next song was louder & it stood out for some reason. Now I know why xxxxx

    I did have a giggle that the flower is somewhat skewed at the top now - I guess bub has moved since you were sitting down :)

  2. absolutely beautiful post!
    what a great way to spend your day, with such love & well wishes.
    beautiful pic, definitely a treasured moment ♥

  3. What a beautiful day! What timing with the song, a little hello and blessing from Pippin perhaps?

    Your belly and the necklace are gorgeous.
    So glad to hear you were surrounded and loved by such wonderful women :)

  4. Oh, that's amazing about the song! I noticed it as well during the beads, which is unusual for me because I almost always tune music out. How very special <3

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful photo and blogpost and magnificent belly!
    Blessingways are just the best thing. I treasure the memories of mine too.
    So lovely to read this.

  6. So glad your day was so wonderfully special, wobbly chins and all. Sending you many blessings from afar. xxoo

  7. Glad you are feeling blessed as you deserve to be :)

    That is uncanny about the music. I was feeling very drawn to it somehow, then as we went around the circle I kept on thinking about Pippin. I wanted to say something but then thought nobody else was so maybe it wasn't the right time and place ...

  8. Oh *sniff*.....the music certainly was captivating, you couldn't help but be moved by it. You could feel the energy there. I couldn't stop spontaneously crying last night.

  9. Beautiful post & beautiful belly, beautiful lady!

    Wishing you positive vibes for your perfect labour hon, & here's hoping we get to meet our new loves soon.


  10. What timing with the song! It was a lovely day and I hope you managed to trap the vibes in the room!o

  11. What an awesome, awesome pic!! Love this.


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