5 October 2010

Happy Birthday Huz...


Well my gorgeous Huz celebrated his birthday yesterday and elected to spend it at home, just hanging out with us. Lucky us :) We had a lovely floaty day filled with sunshine and cuddles... The owlets spent the morning making cards and little owlet dragged me into the kitchen at the first available moment to make the cake - the highlight of any birthday for her :)


Mmmmm, rhubarb and lemon cake... yum!


  1. Oh my, so very lovely. And I agree with little owlet - cakes are a very serious business!

    Happy birthday to your Huz.

  2. I bet your huz feels rather special - rhubarb & lemon sounds delish. And such a pretty ring of daisies and dandelions.

  3. some very lovely moments you have caught there Lauren !

    Happy Birthday to your Huz !

    Enjoy the rest of your day at home together :)

  4. Gorgeous photos :) Sounds like X enjoys cooking.

    My kids believe that you don't actually turn a year older until you have eaten your birthday cake (so you know what to do if you ever don't want to get any older lol)

  5. Happy Birthday To you O :)
    Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a birthday, surrounded by the people who adore you, and who you adore.

    I agree with X, birthday cake is very important! It looks delicious!

  6. Sounds like me and your huz have the same Birthday. Hip Hip hooray for us :-)

    The looks good and sounds like it would be super tasty.

  7. Isn't cake the highlight of everyone's birthday? (she types, bewildered).

    Happy birthday Mr Owlet.

  8. Happy Birthday O!!
    I agree with X, birthday cake is the best part of any birthday! definately worth getting a year older I reckon!

  9. It sounds like the best way to spend a birthday for sure!
    I hope the next few months are as wonderful and yummy and sweet as that cake looks.


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