28 October 2010

my creative space...


* Flowers from the garden for inspiration
* A stack of awesome magazines to read
* Some japanese silk and wool felt for making gifts that were due embarrassingly long ago -last on my list of must-dos!!
* Obligatory knitting
* Craft for the baby - silk thread for a cord tie. Well its that or dental floss! We may not even use it, but its good to be prepared... we've each chosen a colour to braid together - kind of like baby's first friendship bracelet ;)

Hoping to have some quiet time to get stuck into this stuff today... See more creative spaces at Kirsty's and join in if you feel like it!


  1. I'm totally jealous that you have fresh cut flowers from the garden because we're having snow here.

  2. Stunning flowers, gosh, beautiful!! Can't wait to plan a lovely garden of flowers, love Posie

  3. Your space sounds like lots of fun & even a little relaxing, lovely!

  4. another lovely photo...looks like lots of beautiful things surround you, xoKate

  5. Your space looks lovely, like the recipe for a calm, relaxing day!

  6. Love fresh flowers :)
    How beautiful, bubba's first friendship bracelet, a wonderful idea.

  7. Love the idea for the cord tie...beats dental floss by miles! (Although...did you want the cord to smell minty fresh? Because then you'd better go with the floss, you know.)

  8. Sounds like lots of good things going on. Hope you got your quiet time!

  9. The flowers are lovely, sounds like you have some great things in your space today.


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