3 October 2010

home stretch...


We've been out an about enjoying the day, picnics at the park and a spring fair and all that, but I'm so happy to return home. Our attention is returning to our little nest and making sure it feels comfy and clean as we slowly give it all a freshen up and spring clean... I suppose also because I seem to be spending more time here... retreating, nesting, waiting... yeah, I'm antisocial right now, a little bit fragile and sometimes moody, and that's ok. Every time I leave the house I'm asked when I'm due and do I know what I'm having? Yesterday I didn't even have to leave the front porch and someone asked me... I know its just peeps making friendly, polite conversation, but, well you know... I feel rather... on display...

Just to answer the question, in case you were wondering: Not sure when the baby will come. History tells me later than the estimated due date, so I'm not telling. Babies choose their own birthdays anyhow and I don't know what this little one has in mind... and for the second part of the question - it's a surprise. That answer is usually met with disappointment these days, but I suppose we're an old fashioned bunch. We found out when big owlet was on the way, but that was quite a different journey. Practice child and all that... Second time round we went the surprise route and Huz summed it up beautifully when he described that magical moment when you look at your child for the first time and you see them and all that they are before taking a peek and discovering whether they are a boy or girl... So we prefer surprises.

We are in the home stretch and the warmer weather is signaling that for me. It won't be long, but long enough and I'm intending to enjoy it all. I'm really looking forward to slowing down some more, taking my time, meeting this little one and when the time is right, venturing down our front path and out into the world again.


  1. Oh dear - these are all the questions I asked you when we met at the September market! But I think it's more to make conversation and I actually love it when people don't find out the gender of their unborn baby - it's a totally lovely surprise and not the first thing you want to know once they are on the outside!

    Enjoy your last few weeks of nesting whilst that bubba is safe and sound on the inside - it's a whole new journey once it's on the outside!!

  2. Oh, Lauren, I know what you mean. People asked all three times with the pixies and some were even irritated with us (especially third time around) when we said we wanted another surprise. Gee, times have changed - our parents didn't have that luxury when we were born! Enjoy your delightful surprise. J x

  3. So excited for you! I cant wait to meet your little bubba!

  4. I understand and feel the same when our belly babes are closer to joining us.

    The most important people are those in your little owl haven. Do what you need to and what feels right for you.

    Of course the rest of us are excited but we understand the time to nurture and protect mamma bear (Owl)

    Take care.

  5. There's nothing like being home to take care of yourself and your family.

    A funny girl I know had no patience for the 'do you know what you're having' question.

    She'd answer 'um, a baby?'

  6. Yes yes yes! Exact feelings! We wanted to keep our second baby's gender a surprise too. But he decided to show up on the ultrasound machine before we could even close our eyes... Still a wonderful surprise...


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