6 October 2010

a boy named sue :: blogtoberfest day 6

After months of discussion and to-ing and fro-ing, we've finally decided on names for our new little one. Huz has been patiently asking if I've thought about it, showing me his list... I'd sigh and say "not yet". Then on the weekend, I threw myself into it and went over the names we'd discussed, then looked for some more, only to return to the ones we'd discussed in the first place. It seems this little one has names very firmly in mind and we just needed to sit with them to make sure... Oh and check them out against all our name rules. See, we have a very simple, common surname, but its actually really hard to find names that we love that go with it, without being a bit... erm... unfortunate. There are strict rules in place for this reason. We reassure ourselves that because we're home schoolers, we can avoid schoolyard bullying to an extent - Its more likely to be us doing the teasing... but there's a limit.


  1. I love that song and a confession, love Johnny Cash too :)

    I think your surname is pretty awesome, and whatever name baby owlet chooses will be just perfect!

  2. We always have a tough time choosing names, and usually end up waiting till we've met the baby to decide. I'm sure whatever you choose will suit baby owlet to a tee.

  3. Our kids have a plain-jane surname that rhymes with "Snot" so we've had to be careful with names too! Not too plain, but also has to fit with the surname. Can't wait to hear what you've decided!!

  4. I loved that clip Lauren! Johnny Cash is such a legend.

    Good luck with the naming the owlet.

  5. great to come to a name - such a process !

  6. I love the naming of things (especially babies). We had rules too.

    Our surname is unusual and needs to be spelt every time we give it. So they had to be easy to spell.

    And the other rule was that it had to be a name that had come before in our family. This was easy for our daughter, but we had to go back 5 generations to find a name we liked for our son!


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