8 October 2010

Lazy friday...


We love fridays here. They start slowly and seem to continue that way... Huz works from home on fridays, so we get just that little extra time to sleep in, take our time eating breakfast... and he still starts work earlier than usual! What's lovely about it is that we can check in with him during the day. Today we cleared the breakfast table and sat down nearby to do some drawing together before wandering off to do our own things... and receiving a welcome interruption...

Our neighbour just popped in to show us this little guy. A baby brushtail possum, orphaned overnight, that she's caring for. I suspect the owlets might be visiting next door a bit in the near future.


  1. We have lazy fridays here too, love them!

    Aww poor possum. Hope it is not too long until it can be released.
    In the mean time I am sure the owlets love having the we thing next door.

  2. Aw, poor little possum. It looks so cute.

  3. Your Fridays sound lovely Lauren. I love that the mood flows through the whole day. Gorgeous to have a neighbour pop in too - (as gorgeous as the possum).

    PS just catching up on wads of blog posts. That rhubarb and lemon cake you made for Huz' birthday sounds divine. Fancy posting a recipe?

  4. Sweet, sweet possum. Hope she/he grows strong and gets back to the wild ok.


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