13 October 2010

owlet's eye view :: blogtoberfest day 13


Lazy morning in the park, rolling down hills and big owlet taking the camera for a wander...

Well they had a lovely time... My interactions with the general public are proving less than satisfactory right now though. I'm in a state of temporary hiding in the owlet nest. Short fuse, yes. Hormonal, yes. Overly sensitive, quite probably...


My big irk right now is insensitivity and people not respecting the owlets and their sense of space or place in the world...


People bustling past, whacking them with bags as they go, frowning and shouting at them to move, while I usher them to one side. People allowing their much bigger kids to swim over them at the pool or trample them at the park... or bringing their huge dog over to our picnic rug and allowing it to lick little owlet's face despite her screams and obvious fear. Then saying "he won't hurt" while he scratches big owlet's legs to ribbons before abusing me when I ask them to move away... I suppose my own state of slightly increased vulnerability makes me a tad sensitive to all this, but I do wonder at how people can find it so hard to see things from the viewpoint of someone so much smaller and less certain in the world.


If only we could all take a day to slow down, live completely in the moment and view the world through the eyes of an owlet...


  1. loving the photos Lauren and yes I'd say the RHBG is the best place to go and hide ;)

    take care and all the best with the remainder of your pregnancy.


  2. Love the photos! I always laugh when I upload pics and there are some the children have made. Love looking at things through their eyes.

    And a big ditto about others showing children respect and personal space. I too have had to stand up more than enough times, to advocate for my children.

  3. I have to agree with you about other people's dogs in parks - it's one of my pet bugs.

    Looks like you had a lovely day in the sunshine - the park looks so green!

  4. Sigh. Bad day?? Or normal. People are much nicer to my kids and I than this! The dog situation is terrible and I
    honestly hope that's the only time your peace is spoilt like this. Good luck and best wishes with your littlest, xx

  5. Great photos - I agree - I think that we all need to slow down and take a walk in the shoes of a child for a while.


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