26 October 2010

quiz kid :: blogtoberfest day 26


We went to a wildflower show a couple of weeks ago. There were some beautiful displays and the obligatory pinecone craft corner for kids... scones too. Big owlet spied a quiz that involved reading some clues and answering some questions and she wanted to have a go... and she won!! First prize was a tray of beautiful local native tubestock! Huz and I had just been talking about some new plants for our garden and how we might buy some for christmas, but this is so much more fun. Big owlet is very excited to have her own plants in the garden to tend, but mostly just excited to have won something :)


  1. Well down Big Owlet !
    And look out garden, what a wonderful stash of wildflowers.

  2. Go Big Owlet!! What a great prize too! :)

  3. Fantastic! I seem to remember you saying in a post a little while ago that the owlets were not showing much interest in gardening yet. This could be just the thing!


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