22 October 2010



We have a collection of little bowls and boxes dotted around our house. They are filled with all the little things that have no home or that we are not bothered enough to put away properly... They've come in handy for entertaining owlets who are enthralled by tiny things. From the moment they could play with little things without putting them in their mouths, until now and probably for years to come, I've pulled one of the boxes or bowls out and put it on the table or floor for them to explore. A kind of junk method of strewing, I suppose. They found this bowl this morning and it led to miniature craft, discussions on international currency, counting coins, telling the time, dressing up and hours of imaginative play. We often talk about finding homes for all the good bits and throwing out the rest, but then I remember times like this. The quiet moments and times that have followed. One mama's trash is an owlet's treasure...


  1. We have way too many of those bowls around our house too. Late this afternoon they came in handy though when we were struggling to build a float for the market tomorrow. One dollar in a bowl here, three fifty cents there...eventually we were all set to go.
    have a wonderful weekend Lauren.

  2. We had a bowl like that, next to the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, it drove me crazy so i sorted it out, disgarded most of the stuff (mainly rubbers, pencil shavings, paper clips, unfranked stamps) & put it on top of the fridge. Seems it was just too tempting for the children to use it as their bowl. Love Posie

  3. Ah, yes I am guilty of having little 'dumping' bowls all over the house - kitchen, bedroom, on the piano near the front door, even in the bathroom. Where do all the paper clips, stray pen lids and rubber bands come from? Strewing - great concept.


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