2 October 2010

feels like summer...


You know you're Tasmanian when you've been here five years and at the first sign of sunshine you fling open all the doors, have an ice cream, mow the lawn, roll around in the freshly cut grass, move to the shade because its too hot, then you watch the owlets scooter around the neighbour's driveway and run through the sprinkler nude...


you marvel at the growth in the garden then go for a drive to enjoy dinner by the water before popping the owlets to bed early. Then you find out it was only 17 degrees today....

Daylight savings starts tomorrow and the mercury is set to hit 20 degrees. Big owlet is hoping for swimming at the beach after cleaning her room... with the fan on thank-you very much! Its a heat wave after all!!


  1. Chuckle! After returning here after 11 years in Sydney, we're still acclimatising. No nudey sprinkler runs on Planet Baby yet but I must admit, I was tempted to fling open the French doors this afternoon! J x

  2. Ha! I must be Tasmanian too - I had no idea! Gorgeous day here today too; hats, sundresses & strolls in the sun, did wonder at one point though how I will manage not to keel over with heat-stroke when it gets over 20 degrees... ;)

  3. hahaha, my you are a very optimistic bunch! I was with you until you said run under the sprinkler and find a shady spot, I have a few more years to wait I guess. It was lovely to feel the warmth though wasnt it? Feels like forever!

  4. So true! We were all doors and windows open, then I put on a pair of shorts to get busy in the garden!!! :)

  5. Today rocked, didn't it? :)

    Lawn mowed, carport getting decluttered (whilst I complained too myself how it was really too hot to do so), windows opened, child sunburnt from time in the wading pool. Just a shame this one doesn't know the meaning of an early bedtime ;)

  6. 25 today (according to my car) and yes all the windows open here too. I'm loving it.

  7. yup - kids and water, ours dug out the sandpit, lined it with a black sheet of plastic then bucket filled it with water because i wouldn't put the pool up (it was broken i must add in my defence).

    Hey - glorious "native" garden i spy in your picks :)


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