29 October 2010

more red squares :: blogtoberfest day 29


Aren't they all amazing? I've started hanging them all on the wall where they'll be for owlet-to-be's arrival. They are all so different and reflect each of the women who have made them - there are a couple up there from the owlets too who just had to get involved (I'll let you guess which ones they made). What I love about projects like this is that individuality and expression. Its not a competition to see who is the best designer or has the neatest stitches. Each square is totally heartfelt and that's my favourite thing about women working with textiles...

tree of life

Interestingly, most of the squares so far have come with a disclaimer. A reason why they are no good. Why the creator is not crafty enough, or the colours are not right. I get it. Its hard putting yourself out there. But I have always firmly believed that anyone can draw, paint, create something, no matter where their talents lie. It's within them, we just forget along the way, or maybe someone told us we weren't good at that, we should focus on other things, or maybe we just weren't encouraged. Two squares that were handed to me without a smidge of shyness of course, belong to the owlets. They just sat down, created something important to them and there it is in all its perfection, handed to mama with a smile...


I just want to thank each of the women who have contributed towards making this lovely thing for me and my family. You are all very special and dear to our hearts and your words, pictures and handiwork express so much about who you are. We love that. You all rock. xxxx



  1. Hi L,
    Wow, they all look amazing! That was a wonderful idea and you will be able to create something special when you find time to put them all together.

    This made me smile:

    I honestly thought I was the only person stressing about not being able to do this lol. I had a huge panic attack about the fact that I can't do sewing/craft, and agonized for ages about what would be worse - letting you down by not contributing a square, or giving you my totally crap square and thus ruining your quilt. I seriously considered just writing you a piece of music instead, because I really am such a non creative person.

    But I finally got over myself and made the square. It's not fancy, you could undoubtedly do it better in a quarter of the time it took me, but it's still full of good wishes for Tiny Owlet and all of you.

  2. Oops, the quote didn't appear above. It was the bit you wrote about people making disclaimers.

  3. what a beautiful concept.
    the finished quilt will be glorious.

  4. Just gorgeous, Lauren. Lots of love there.

  5. So many special pieces there. You are so ready! :)

  6. I love the concept ... and all in red too. It will look amazing.
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