1 December 2010

on the first day...


Summer is here!! So is advent! Although we're not religious types, we look forward to this time of year with much enthusiasm. The owlets love waking on December 1 and finding our activity advent calendar hanging from the mantlepiece. They love the tradition of finding their favourite activities and sometimes new ones inside each envelope. It does help the days pass and we manage to get lots of stuff done in the lead-up to christmas too, whilst reminding us all to have a bit of fun amongst the busy-ness of this time of year. It also takes a little focus off christmas day, but rather helps us focus on spending time as a family. So here's our calendar this year with origami paper cups made by big owlet.


And here's today's activity. Its one of our favourites each year... makes for interesting conversation for Huz too. He rather likes challenging gender stereotypes I suspect.

PS. yes, we considered painting tiny owlet's teeny toes, but got the guilts about all the nasties in nail polish. We did think she'd look pretty cool with tiny black toenails though ;)


  1. Is it wrong that I was hoping to see tiny baby toes (unpainted of course!) in this pic? *cluck cluck* hehee

  2. Gorgeous job by big owlet. I'm feeling quite depressed about our lack of advent calendar. I did have high hopes but a lazy week on the east coast put paid to all my attempts at having an organised lead up to Christmas. Hmm, I've got some paper and a stapler right beside me, no disaster if we start on the 2nd right?

    Great toenails - I suspect my husband would secretly enjoy that activity too!

  3. That is such a beautiful idea - happy advent.

    Nina x

  4. Ditto re Tiny toes ;)

    I like the idea of the activity advent calendar, sounds like a lot of fun.

    Also suffering from Clean Craft Cupboard Envy rofl


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