17 December 2010

last minute shop business!


I've just muddled my way through making and delivering this lot of skirts, onesies and clips to the Wilderness Society Shop at Salamanca Place. If you happen to be in Hobart and just happen to need something for an owlet you know, be sure to pop down there and have a look at their beautiful range of children's clothes, accessories, toys and books. My own owlets will be receiving some beautiful bits and pieces this year, mostly organic or fair trade... not so much hand made this time and purchased mostly online in between naps and nappy changes. I must say I'm rather chuffed that the postie brought the last of the presents today and we're good to go. I'll still put a couple of last minute handmade things together... For big owlet, a sewing kit. For little owlet a peg doll decorating kit. Tiny owlet will be receiving an owlet baby clothing bumper pack! I''m so excited to finally have my own tiny person to dress in owlet onesies an pants and kimono tops and...


So the owlet shop will most likely be a little quiet for the next few months as I enjoy the summer with the family and catch up on making long requested things for my little ones and my nest. If there's something you need, that's not available in the shop, let me know. I'm always happy to do custom orders.

I'll be doing even fewer markets in 2011. I am hoping to make the owlet online shop even better, with some new stock and a bit of tweaking. I have a few ideas for some new lovely pieces which I'm hoping to launch in Autumn. I'm rather excited about it really! I was feeling a bit uninspired a few weeks ago, but a little break has done wonders, so I'm hoping to return to the sewing machine with a little inspiration some time in the new year. x


  1. Have a holiday season filled with fabulous, excellent lady.

  2. Sounds like you're feeling refreshed Lauren. How lovely to be dressing your tiny one in your own tiny creations!

  3. oh yes how lovley to be able to dress your little one in these cute little outfits!

  4. I was just on holiday in Tassie and saw your lovely items for sale at the Wilderness Shop, so I came home and looked you up! Love your blog too, I'll be reading along from now on. Thanks!


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