8 December 2010



A very surprising gift arrived for tiny owlet last week. It came in an enormous box and is larger than life size. It's standing on top of the speaker in the lounge room, keeping an eye on proceedings...

Activity advent update ::
day 2 - eat fish and chips by the water
day 3 - make ice cream sundaes
day 4 - go garage sailing
day 5 - put up the christmas lights
day 6 - have breakfast for dinner - this may need to happen more than once ;)
day 7 - write a christmas song
day 8 - crazy hairstyles at dinnertime


  1. Lauren, I've appropriated (ok, pinched) your crazy hairstyles activity. Couldn't resist!

    That owl is amazing!

  2. I should do this next year too, its stuff we already do I suppose but the kids probably think its extra exciting to plan for something 'special' each day.


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