6 December 2010

unschool monday :: one thing leads to another

99 luftballons

Ever try and follow the patterns of thought and conversations that flow, in your family, during a day? On those days where we have been too busy to think much about what the owlets are up to as we go along, I'll sometimes sit and ponder... what did they learn today? Recounting the conversations from breakfast to bedtime, I'm often surprised to find that they've learned a whole lot and grasped some new concepts.

On this particular morning, we dressed tiny owlet in a new outfit given to us by Jacquie. Big owlet commented on how many balloons were on the onesie, which led to a discussion about Nena and eighties music... we commented on how Nena's film clip reminded us of Feist's. We talked about inspiration and how one artist can be inspired by another... then as the owlets danced, they realised that the song was sung in german. Interesting...

Huz went to work and a short while later big owlet was looking at Poisson Rouge and speaking chinese and french. "Mum, I want to learn to speak some more languages!" she yelled out while little owlet and I buzzed around the kitchen as part of our daily baking ritual. "Mhmm, ok..." I replied. We've been incorporating some languages where we can, but its time to get serious now. I love that she tells me when she's ready. Later on, big owlet and little owlet played for hours in a made up language, stopping to translate for us occasionally. Then big owlet asked Huz to record an impromptu song in said language, complete with translation... apparently language affects melody too which I found quite interesting... So there you have it. Something as simple as dressing the baby leads to new concepts, new skills and new creative pursuits. Unschooling in action.

What does natural learning look like at your house? Please join in and share your unschool monday.


  1. Lovely post, and seriously cool musical learning happening.
    I'm just in awe that you are baking and learning languages while you have such a tiny person! (I spend at least 6 months just struggling to stay awake long enough to do the laundry and find some food to eat when we have a new snowflake.)

  2. Oh my Gosh, that's too gorgeous! Big owlet and littlest.

  3. Goodness! What an inspiring life you and your owlets lead. Ni Hao little one.

  4. I love it when this happens in our house, the chain reaction from something so simple :)

  5. Wow - that's amazing!
    I'm happy to have helped initiate such inspiration and learning!

    Maisie is adorable xo

  6. loooooove that little jumpsuit!!


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